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Nutrition with Sarah

Sarah coaches clients who are looking to lose weight and improve their eating habits by making small but positive changes to their lifestyle and diet which are sustainable, no crash diets involved.

Sarah reviews and advises clients on food habits, portion control, mindfulness, sleep etc.. and works hard with her clients to find that happy balance in life of feeding and looking after the body well whilst living your best and happiest life. Sarah believes that life is made up of various elements that must align in order to find true balance and happiness, these being food, exercise, sleep, relationships, career, and medical health, you can’t have one without the other. Sarah teaches clients to explore each avenue and find ways of making changes to these elements to create a sense of inner calm, peace and happiness inside and out.

“Sarah has been brilliant in helping me with my fitness journey and nutrition after having two children. Since beginning the programme, I've gained confidence, toned up and achieved my target weight. Sarah has provided support and encouragement throughout the programme which has made the sessions both enjoyable and rewarding.”
Sarah Rooney