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One to One Pre & Post Natal Personal Training with Sarah

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival or your new addition to the family!!!


Keeping fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy will give you more energy, assist with maintaining your pre pregnancy body and shape, build strength which is crucial for birth and labour, alleviate any natural stresses, worries and anxieties around pregnancy, increase endorphins, and help you bounce back quicker after birth.

Exercise is safe for you and the baby as long as you follow a programme which has been carefully prepared by a pre natal specialist, such as Sarah! Sarah will coach and inspire you to move safely but effectively in each trimester, the programme will naturally change and adapt to meet your needs as your body changes.

Sarah will also work with you to prepare your pelvic floor muscles for birth and post birth.

Group sessions are also available, grab a few of your NCT buddies and make it a new baby class, chat to other mamas to be as well as moving your body in a positive, friendly and safe environment.


Depending on goals, Post Natal training tends to be a mixture of re shaping the body post birth, toning, losing any excess baby weight, re energising and re awakening the body after pregnancy, build strength in the core and pelvic floor, and a chance to focus on any post birth injuries or weaknesses. Sarah always welcomes babies to join her sessions with mum. Sarah inspires and coaches mums to become stronger, happier, fitter and more energised (especially as she understands the difficulty of sleep deprivation in those newborn stages). Sarah guarantees that by the end of each session, mums feel less tired than before they started, more positive and ready to power through the rest of the week.

Sarah also finds clever ways to help mum find time to prioritise her health and fitness by providing clients with short but effective pre programmed workouts to follow outside of her sessions. Sarah helps clients find a fitness routine that works for them, one that they can continue with forever. Sarah also works closely with her clients to formulate a food routine that clients can stick too.

Group sessions are also available, grab a few of your mamas and enjoy a full body workout whilst sharing the challenges of new parenting with your workout mamas.

"Sarah’s sessions are excellent. A great start to my fitness journey, she listened to my concerns and expertly tailored a programme to help build my strength and stretch my back post babies."
Busy Mum of 3

Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Gym Academy, London

Level 3 REPs Personal Trainer
Gym Academy, London

Nutritional Advisor
Gym Academy, London

Integrative Nutritional Health Coach
Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York